23rd: GP Valencia, Spain, UCI 1.2

10th -13th: Tour of Antalya, Turkey, UCI 2.1

13th: Perfs Pedal, England, National B

2nd: Le Samyn, Belgium, UCI 1.1

5th: Ster van Zwolle, The Netherlands, UCI 2.2

6th: GP Grote prijs Jean – Pierre Monseré, Belgium, UCI 1.1

13: Dorpenomloop Rucphen, Belgium, UCI 1.2

16-20: Olympia’s Tour, The Netherlands, UCI 2.2

2nd: Volta Limburg Classic, Belgium, UCI 1.1

16th: Arno Wallaard Memorial, Belgium, UCI 1.2

24th: Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic, England, UCI 1.2

2nd May: Tour Series Guisborough, Scotland, National A

4th May: Tour Series Galashiels, Scotland, National A

8th May: Lincoln GP, England, National A

10th May: Tour Series Sunderland, England, National A

12th May: Tour Series Stranraer, Scotland, National A

19th May: Tour Series Clacton, England, National A

21st May: Tour Series Barking, England, National A

24th May: Tour Series Grand Final, Manchester, National A

26th – 29th: Tour de la Mirabelle, France, UCI 2.2

4th: Heylen Vastgoed Heistse Pijl, Belgium, UCI 1.1

6th: Ronde van Limburg, Belgium, UCI 1.1

10th – 12th: Tour d’Eure-et-Loir, France, UCI 2.2

19th: Midden-Brabant Poort Omloop, The Netherlands, UCI 1.2

23rd -26th June: British National Championships, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, National A

29th June: Otley GP, England, National A

1st: Ilkey GP, England, National A

3rd: Stockton GP, England, National A

8th: Barnsley Criterium, England, National A

17th: Lancaster GP, England, National A

20th: Sheffield GP, England, National A

22nd – 24th: Isle of Man International, National A

24th: Grand Prix de la ville de Pérenchies, France, UCI 1.2

26th: Colne GP, England, National A

29th: Midlands Criterium (tbc), England, National A

21st: Ryedale GP, England, National A

23rd: Egmont Cycling Race, Belgium, UCI 1.1

24th: Druivenkoers – Overijse, Belgium, UCI 1.1

28th: Ronde van de Achterhoek, The Netherlands, UCI 1.2

4th – 11th: Tour of Britain, UK, UCI 2.Pro

18th: Beaumont Trophy, England, National A

18th: Gooikse Pijl, Belgium, UCI 1.1